All Inclusive Brewery Tours & Events

Let us drive TOUR…(any day, any time)

Our Let us Drive Tour is a fully customized trip created solely around where and when you want to go. Travel Boston, Cambridge, Massachusetts and all of New England in our luxurious and fully customized rides. We can take you, in our wicked awesome rides, anywhere your heart desires! Looking for a full Boston experience on top of a brewery tour, we can drive you to your choice of breweries and then take you to a Red Sox game, local bars, or even to Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall. This tour is only limited by your creativity. This tour gives you the flexibility and power to choose what you want when you want it. Learn more about the endless possibilities of our Let us Drive Tour.

We have several types of vehicles from the 7 passenger Escalade to the 55 passenger Motor Coach Bus. Our vehicles all come customized with Yeti coolers to keep items if you choose to purchase fresh and chilled. We will pick you up at any location of your choice.

Build your customized and unique tour today!

The Lobster Crawl (Tours Begin Again in May 2018)

The Lobster Crawl is our monthly all-inclusive Maine craft beer brewery tour. Maine is home to some of the best craft beer breweries in the world. With our brewery relationships, we can take you behind the scenes to see (and taste) the magic of these Maine craft beer breweries. Sample and tasting fees at each brewery are included for you, so taste away!

Duration: All Day (10:00 AM to 7:00 PM)

All-Inclusive Price: $229

No Hidden Costs

Lunch included

Experience some of greatest craft beer breweries around today!

The David Ortiz (Saturday experience)

Our David Ortiz craft beer tour is the perfect way to spend any saturday. This tour will take you to see, tour and taste the craft beer of such breweries as Samuel Adams, Harpoon Brewery, Blue Hille Brewery, Mystic Brewery and many more. This saturday all-inclusive brewery tour will give you a true taste of Boston's best!

All-Inclusive Price: $139

No Hidden Costs

Lunch included

Next Tour Dates: Every Saturday

Taste Boston's best beers now!

The Uma Thurman (after-hours experience)

The only thing better than a brewery tour through Boston? A brewery tour through Boston after hours. Get the full taste of the Boston nightlife and craft beers! The Uma Thurman craft beer tour takes you through the streets of Boston to experience some of the best craft beer breweries after hours.

All-Inclusive Price: $159

No Hidden Costs

Dinner included

Next Tour Dates: Every Friday and Saturday

Get a true taste of Boston with this after-hours tour

The Mark Wahlberg (Sunday experience)

Our Mark Wahlberg craft brewery tour can liven up any Sunday! This is tour will give a great experience of touring and tasting some of the best breweries that call Boston home. This brewery tour takes you behind the scenes to see where and how some of the best tasting beer is made.

All-Inclusive Price: $129

No Hidden Costs

Lunch included

Next Tour Dates: Every Sunday

Make Memories on any Sunday

World Championship Team & World Class Breweries (Dates TBD)

In tradition with the winning history of the Boston sport teams, our World Championship tour takes you to visit some world-class breweries located on Boston. You don't even have to be a Boston sports fan to enjoy some of Boston's best beer on this tour. Then to top off your wicked experience of touring and tasting beer, we will end your night at one of baseball's most historic parks, Fenway, to catch a hometown Red Sox game on us!

All-Inclusive Price: $189

No Hidden Costs on Tour

Red Sox Tickets Included

Next Tour Date: Next Season

Beer and Baseball, what else do you need?

Private Tours

Our private tour is one of our most popular brewery tours. Perfect for any special occasion like bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, and corporate outings. This is a time you will never forget! Our team will craft a custom and unique tour for you to perfectly match your event. Possibilities for you and your group are endless, so what are you waiting for?  

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All-Inclusive Brewery Tours

Craft breweries are helping the beer industry remain steady, and new ones enter the market each year. For beer lovers like us, that means more opportunities to tour breweries — and, of course, more beers to sample and enjoy.

If you love craft beer, craft beer tours are probably already part of your lifestyle. All over the country, beer enthusiasts plan special trips to take a craft beer tour of their favorite breweries. Most of the time, people plan their own craft brewery tours, figuring out the schedules of their favorite craft breweries and when each craft brewery tour takes place, trying to put it all together. If you’re in the Boston area, or just about anywhere in New England, for that matter, there’s no need to worry about any of that. Craft Beer Lovers of Boston takes care of it all for you.

The landscape has never been brighter, meaning it's as good a time as any to take an all-inclusive craft beer tour. After all, it's the civic duty of beer lovers everywhere to learn about and visit brewers and sample their products to keep the business thriving and flavorful.

Craft Beer Lovers of Boston created all-inclusive touring packages to address an important need: for all those craft beer lovers out there to have the opportunity to focus on what they love best — learning the history, making of and taste of all those great craft breweries throughout the New England area. With Craft Beer Lovers of Boston, you can take an all-inclusive brewery tour that's simply a notch above the rest. As our name might indicate, we offer the best all-inclusive Boston brewery tours. We also venture beyond the city limits with all-inclusive Portland, Maine craft beer tours or the all-inclusive New England brewery tours you can customize.

The key phrase you'll see repeated here often is "all-inclusive." We pride ourselves on planning every detail of a beer-filled day so you don't have to. All you'll need to worry about is which IPA you want to sample first at your next stop on the tour. We’re not the only company that offers craft brewery tours, but we’re the best. When we say all-inclusive, we mean it. You don’t pay extra for luxury van transportation to each brewery, for the beer tasting or for the tour itself. Everything is included. We even throw in some extra brewery swag for you to remember your experience by. You’ll get everything you ever hoped for in a craft brewery tour and you won’t pay a dime extra.

Our craft brewery tours are created by craft beer lovers for craft beer lovers. We know that once you try one of our tours in Boston, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire or Connecticut, you’re going to keep coming back. That’s why we offer a variety of tour options, including: Here we will look at the rise of craft beer, the amenities included in our all-inclusive craft brewery tours and how you can tailor your own all-inclusive New England beer tour.

Craft Beer by the Numbers

Craft brews are a growth area in an industry that's relatively stagnant. For example, last year there were 196.7 million beer barrels sold in the U.S. At the same time, craft beer barrels sold jumped 6.2 percent to 24.1 million.

Craft beers also accounted for $23.5 billion in sales in 2016, up 10 percent from the previous year. That compares to $107.6 billion in sales for the overall U.S. beer market.

When you analyze all of those numbers, you begin to realize just how important craft breweries are to the industry. While craft beers claim just about 12 percent of the market in terms of barrels sold, they also account for 22 percent of beer industry revenues.

And we're more than happy to oblige. It's right in our name — Craft Beer Lovers of Boston — so let's look at what our all-inclusive craft beer tours have to offer.

What Is a Brewery Tour?

If you've never taken a brewery tour, it's fairly straightforward. Most beer makers offer tours in which they showcase their facilities and beer-making techniques before allowing you to sample current and possibly future offerings.

Tours at individual breweries can be fun, but they often leave a bit to be desired. There are also some services that will drive you to a handful of breweries, so you can make a day of it.

That said, there are very few truly all-inclusive craft beer tours like the ones we offer.

What Separates Us

When we say "all-inclusive craft brewery tour," we take the "all-inclusive" part seriously. Well, we also take the beer seriously, but you get the point.

We work out all of the scheduling and logistics for you and package it all into one friendly price — our all-inclusive Boston beer tours start at just $99 — and we add an extra layer of swag, gifts and goodies.

Other services at similar price points may only do the driving for you and your party, or they may also include some of the brewery entry fees. But it's safe to say that none in the Boston and New England area can fully compete with our all-inclusive brewery tours in terms of all the services and amenities that are actually included in your price.

What's All Included

So, what is included on our all-inclusive tours? To start:

  • Transportation in a high-end vehicle. We're talking customized transit vans, limo party buses, charter buses, Cadillac Escalades or even stretch limos, depending on your party size and swagger level.
  • Poland Springs drinking water. You'll need to stay hydrated.
  • Snacks, and sometimes lunch with beer pairings.
  • Free Wi-Fi. This is key when posting all of your photos from the brewery on your social media accounts.
  • On-board Yeti coolers. Keep the beer you buy cold throughout the tour.
  • Tour guide. Our people know their stuff.
  • Wallet-sized stainless steel bottle opener.
  • You'll want to add ours to your collection.
  • Tote bag. You need somewhere to keep everything you'll accumulate.

All of this, and we haven't even made it to our first brewery yet.

What's Covered at Each Brewery

We don't just drop you off in front of a brewery, let you do your thing for an hour, and then pick you up for a trip to the next stop. Our all-inclusive tours are just that, and that means at each stop you'll also get:

  • Entrance and tour fees. It would be a bit disingenuous to not include entry fees on an all-inclusive beer tour.
  • Sample and tasting fees.
  • Tour and history. This varies by brewery, but often brewery staff will show you around, talk about their own techniques and give you a bit of history of their brand and process.
  • Brew master meet and greet. When available, brew masters or brewery founders are on hand to discuss everything beer, or sometimes other things that are on their mind.
  • Complimentary souvenir glass from the brewery. Not every brewery has their own glasses, but if they do, you'll get one.

What's Not Included

Here's the part where you roll your eyes and think to yourself, "See, I knew 'all-inclusive' was too good to be true." But don't worry, this section is short.

One thing not included in our price is a gratuity for your tour guide. The only other caveat, as mentioned, is that not every brewery gives away souvenir glasses.

That's it. There are no other hidden fees or surprises to worry about when you walk into one of the breweries on our tours. We take pride in our truly all-inclusive experiences, and we take care of every painstaking detail to ensure your entire experience is included in the price.

Where We Go on Our Tours

Now that you know what's included in our tours (um, everything), it's time to look at where we can take you. First let's look at some of our most common and regularly scheduled destinations.

  1. Boston, Massachusetts

Since we're called the Craft Beer Lovers of Boston, this is a no-brainer. We know and love the local beer community in Boston, and we have three main options for your all-inclusive Boston brewery tour:

  • The David Ortiz: This is our Saturday experience and includes stops at three breweries. The cost is $99 per person. Spend your Saturday in Boston the right way, checking out a few of Boston’s most famous breweries. Possibilities include Samuel Adams Brewery, Mystic Brewery, Harpoon Brewery and a lot more.
  • The Uma Thurman: This is our after-hours option. It stops at three breweries on either Friday or Saturday evening. The cost is $109 per person. Daytime craft brewery tours are great, but if you’re looking for true Boston and craft beer experience experience, you’ll definitely want to try our after-hours tour, featuring a selection of the same great Boston breweries — like Cambridge Brewing Co., Jack’s Abby and Mayflower Brewing Co. — with an after-hours vibe.
  • The Mark Wahlberg: This is our Sunday tour — three stops on a Sunday afternoon to get you ready for the long work week. The cost is $99 per person. After you’ve done the Boston craft breweries run on Saturday, the only thing left to do is to it again on Sunday. You and your friends can enjoy a great beer experience at breweries like Boston Harbor Distillery, Castle Island Brewing Co., Old Colony Brewing and more.

We also offer the occasional special all-inclusive Boston beer tour. For example, on Sept. 9 we're hosting our "World Championship Team & World Class Breweries" event, which for $159 includes stops at three breweries on Saturday afternoon, followed by a visit to Fenway Park for an evening game between the Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays. Is there anything that goes together better than Red Sox baseball and beer? We don’t think so.

All of our tours begin at Fort Point Market on Congress Street, which is across the road from Trillium Brewing. Behind the market, you’ll find a parking garage, and you can park there.

Our Boston Breweries

We have relationships with a number of breweries in town, and we are always looking for more. Here are some of the stops we might make on your all-inclusive Boston brewery tour:

  • Blue Hills Brewery
  • Cambridge Brewing Company
  • Winter Hill Brewing
  • Boston Harbor Distillery
  • Springdale Beer Barrel Room
  • Dorchester Brewing Company
  • Idle Hands Craft Ales
  • Mystic Brewery
  • Bone Up Brewing Company
  • Lamplight Brewing Company
  • Old Colony Brewing
  • Mayflower Brewing Company
  • Exhibit A Brewing
  • Samuel Adams Brewery
  • Jack's Abby
  • Castle Island Brewing Company
  • Harpoon Brewery
  • GrandTen Distilling
  1. Portland, Maine

We also offer all-inclusive Portland, Maine brewery tours, including our monthly Lobster Crawl event. We leave Boston at 10 a.m. for tours and tasting at three breweries in Maine. We also make a stop for lunch at Portland Pie Company in Biddeford. The all-inclusive Portland, Maine brewery tour returns to Boston at roughly 7 p.m., and it runs $139.

If you're not familiar with Portland Pie Company, it's a pizzeria and pub that offers a good number of specialty pies, as well as pastas, calzones, toasted sandwiches and more.

Here are the breweries we may visit on your all-inclusive Portland, Maine craft beer tour:

  • Bissell Brothers Brewing
  • Banded Horn Brewing Company
  • Rising Tide Brewing Company
  • Fore River Brewing Company
  • Oxbow Brewery
  1. All-Inclusive New England Beer Tours

In addition to our tours in Boston and Portland, we host a number of all-inclusive New England beer tours in locations including Vermont, New Hampshire and Connecticut. We have a number of tours and events throughout the calendar year, making use of our partnerships with some of the best breweries in the region.

All of this is really just the beginning. We can work with you to design an all-inclusive New England beer tour that caters to your wants or needs. Maybe it's a beer tour for couples, riding around Boston in a Cadillac. Maybe it's a corporate team-building (and drinking) event for you and 500 of your employees. Or maybe it's a day trip to Maine with a group of friends and family members.

No matter what you have in mind, give us a call, and we're sure we can make it happen.

Tour Breweries Like a Pro

We certainly welcome beginners and those new to craft beer on our tours, but you still don't want to be "that guy." Don't forget to bring your photo ID. No matter how old you think you look, breweries are apt to play it safe and card just about everyone, young and old.

Also, brush up on your beer terminology, and help your friends. You don't have to become an overnight expert, but it does help to know some terms going in so you won't feel like you're in a foreign country. Here are some good words to start:

  • Barley
  • Bung
  • Finish
  • Flights
  • Fish Killer
  • Hops
  • IBU
  • Notes
  • Pigtail
  • Smash

Make Use of Our Wicked Rides

We specialize in a wide range of craft beer tours, but since we have our own fleet of high-end vehicles, we can work with you on any type of tour you'd like. Basically, you plan the tour, and we'll provide the vehicle and driver.

All of our vehicles have free Wi-Fi. And while we'll pick you up at any location, we're not talking Uber here. We have a number of luxury options for you to choose from based on the size of your group:

  • Cadillac Escalade ESV. This luxury SUV seats up to six passengers. The cost is $95 per hour with a 4-hour minimum.
  • Stretch Limousine. If you want to arrive in style, we can fit you and nine other passengers in our limo. The cost is $155 per hour with a 5-hour minimum.
  • Ford Transit 350 HD. Our customized limo-style van can seat up to 14. The cost is $115 per hour with a 4-hour minimum.
  • Party Bus. This bachelor and bachelorette party stable can seat up to 37 passengers. The cost is $235 per hour with a 5-hour minimum.
  • Motor Coach. They say go big or go home. This climate controlled cruiser seats up to 55 passengers, and the cost is $275 per hour with a 5-hour minimum.

Book Your Tour

If you've made it this far, there's a good chance you're a craft beer lover like us — or you're ready to become one. Either way, when you book your all-inclusive New England brewery tour with us, you know you'll get the most out of your experience.

We put everything into place for you to make it easier to learn and experience the top beers and breweries in the region. Add on our all-inclusive amenities, and we'll create a fun and seamless experience that's all about the beer.

Whether you're born-and-raised in Boston or just visiting for a weekend, give us a call (617-299-0313) or drop us an email (, and let us work with you to set up a Boston craft beer experience you won't soon forget.