Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your tours cost?

All depends on which tour you choose. Visit our tour section and pricing is per person - our tours are all inclusive! Samplings and tastings at each location. Brewery entrance fees, brewery tour fee, brewery gratuity, brewmaster gratuity and round trip transportation. 

How do I book a tour?

Book it right here, right now on our website or call us (617) 299-0313.

Could my tour get cancelled?

Everything is always possible.  In the event of severe weather (we are in New England) or the ability to reach the number of guests needed to run a tour  (8 is the magic number) the tour may be subject to cancellation.   If your tour does get cancelled we will notify you at least 12 hours before via email, text and phone call.

How early should I arrive?

Shoot for 15 minutes and you will be fine.  It’s Boston so the traffic is crazy so plan ahead.

What is the itinerary of each tour?

Depending on the tour – when you select the one you are looking for you will receive an email with an itinerary and it’s always available on our website while you are booking your tour.

Can I book that day?

Of course, we’d love to have you – only if seats are available.

What is the attire?

Casual  - but no open toe shoes.

Can I drink in the van?

Drinking is meant for the breweries not in the van.  People can get motion sickness – mixed with alcohol not a good combination.