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Mass Brewers GuildBoston is a beer-loving city, and we have great taste as well. We may drink inexpensive green beer on St. Patrick's Day; however, the other 364 evenings of the year our craft beer scene is humming with noteworthy bars and breweries that convey one-of-a-kind brews. Over the past 12 years, Boston Breweries have steadily grown its footprint in the community of craft beer drinkers in this country.

Known for its customary Irish bars, Boston has recently turned into a shelter for brew geeks, a self-portrayed gathering of those for whom one sort of ale or heavy is insufficient. The trip to locate the following awesome craft beers can involve an entire end of the week (or a couple of hours at work stalking a bar's Twitter feed), and there are a lot of goals from which to pick. Today's tasting rooms and breweries are a varied gathering, offering everything from jumped up IPAs to uncommon blends with innovative taste and chemistry. What's more, neighborhood brewers from the Bay State and New England are spoken to all over town. The bars themselves extend from dim, underground refuges to large, sprawling farms, yet the consistent idea is an accentuation of tap and container records.

It all started in 2017 with a group of craft beer zealots and wannabe entrepreneurs. Our story is not all that exciting, but our Boston brew tours are prodigious. If you haven’t noticed, we like to use big words that make us look smart, but really we just used a thesaurus (computers have come along way, just like the Boston craft beer scene). We promise, our Boston brew tours are the mack daddy.

Boston Harbor
Friday's Tasting Tour

And believe me when I tell you this: we did not invent brewery tours nor were we even close to initially creating them. We didn't want to reinvent the wheel; we merely wanted to put gold spokes and some bomb ass treads on it. And we believe we did. We also wanted to fill a void and yes, we are biased, but come and experience the Boston brew tour for yourself or bring 100 of your friends.

How do you make a Boston brew tour “prodigious”? You find like-minded people who actually love, breathe, and sweat beer (the majority of Americans), so it wasn't that hard to find good help. We love our employees and our customers (our PR department told us to say that), and our Boston brew tours are like nothing you’ve ever experienced (they’re certainly much better than Spirit Airlines’ customer service). Our knowledgeable team of beer zealots take you to the most sought after craft beer breweries in the Boston area; therefore, we call it a Boston brew tour (original, eh?).

Granite State BrewersBut wait! Not only do we offer a Boston brew tour, we also offer a Maine brew tour, Vermont brew tour, New Hampshire brew tour, and a Connecticut brew tour. With the help of great brewery partnerships, we are able to provide you with a one-of-a-kind, behind the curtain brewery experience from A-Z (and we promise you will never have to recite your alphabet backwards). Our Boston brew tour has been voted as the best entertainment and brewery experience in the WORLD — 10 out of 10 stars — all by our family members.

We provide the very best in transportation, craft beer knowledge, brewery partnerships, and employees. Our philosophy is simple: provide the most “prodigious” experience and the rest is history. We provide private Boston brew tours for couples. We provide Boston brew tours for corporate clients (we have large buses, very large). We also offer our public brew tours along with weekend getaways and day trips to tour other exceptional breweries. Come up with any other option, and we can do it (and we might even name it after you).

One of our beer zealots and entrepreneurs told us not to waste our time writing about this. Nobody reads this stuff, he said. But we begged to differ. We insisted, and we hope we’ve given you some insight into our world and why we got started: to share our love of craft beer with the world — literally the world — on our Boston brew tour. So, send an email to info@tourbostonbreweries.com and tell him you actually read this, and that it helped (and maybe tell him you appreciated it too)! I was going to pull a Donald Trump and give out his cell, but that would be mean… (978-434-6543).

Flight of BeerAlso, PLEASE catch up on your craft beer lingo before taking our tour. These are some of our suggestions so you don’t think we’re speaking another language.

  • Notes: You won't find them on a sheet of music paper.
  • Flights: You don't take one on a plane.
  • Pigtail: This has nothing to do with bacon.
  • Hops: These are not what a bunny does.
  • Barley: Not our dog’s name.
  • Smash: Not what the Hulk is thinking about doing.
  • IBU: This is not a governmental agency, nor is ABV.
  • Finish: We are not talking about paint.
  • Fish Killer: Hmmm…
  • Bung: Not what your mamma gave you.

Be sure to follow our blog. We hired a professional craft beer aficionado to visit local breweries and bars to write weekly blogs about the Boston brewery and craft beer scene, including events (swagger).

We look forward to serving you soon, now or in the future.

A taste of Boston. One sip at a time.

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