Boston Brew Tours presented by Craft Beer Lovers of Boston

Boston!! There’s no better place to organize a celebration, and hey, there’s no better place to taste delicious and tasty craft beers, so why not put them all together? We’re a professional and stylish brewery, winery, and distillery tour company located here in the amazing city of Boston, Massachusetts.

Tickle your tasty bones!

We all remember how you magically gain superpowers when you’re holding the night’s first pint of beer and are desperate to not spill it. Whether you’re having a little get together with your friends, exploring the flavor of the world’s famous hops that make up the drink we all know and love, or looking to impress some of your most sophisticated business guests, you’ll find the perfect event right here.

Discover the "craft" from mash to mouth

Take a look at where that delicious drink comes from...right from the introduction of the hops, through the entire process of bottling it and putting it on the shelves for you to buy. Whether you want to remember the day the next time you’re pouring yourself a glass, or you want to wear it proudly on your chest, all your friends will be lining up to ask you how beer gives you confidence you never even thought you had.

Tour Boston's breweries, wineries and distilleries

Since our inception, we’ve been cruising the streets of the spectacular Boston region while tasting the goodness. We were built on a true passion for craft beer and the great rural lifestyle that creates the amazing drink you enjoy today. In fact, we are so proud of the work we do here that we wanted to offer you an amazing chance to experience it.

"Flights" to friends simply amazing

Whether we’re making a memorable day for six of your closest friends, or leading a tour of 100 of your company’s finest delegates, we’re committed to creating a day to remember with a bright smile on our faces. You’ll find your experience highly educational and extremely enjoyable. We even offer the chance to turn a trip to our breweries into a team-building experience to make you and your colleague’s stronger team members.